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February 24, 2018
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Admissions Policy

Applying for a school place to start in September 2018

Admission Appeals


Step 1: Follow one of the links below to apply for your child's place at Christ Church School.


Nursery Admissions

Reception Admissions

In Year Admissions


Step 2: Complete the SIF (Supplementary Information Form) and return to Christ Church School.


Nursery Admission SIF

Reception Admission SIF

In Year Admission SIF


Step 3: All applicants will be informed by Hertfordshire County Council as to whether or not a place has been offered.


Step 4: Applicants will be asked to accept a place. On-line applicants should accept the place on-line. Other applicants must return the response form to the Admissions & Transport team at Hertfordshire County Council.


Contact Us

Christ Church CofE (VA) Primary School and Nursery New Road, Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 7BT (Main entrance - Bowling Road)

Phone: 01920 462158 Fax: 01920 486969 Email: email address

Christ Church School Ware - Parent Staff Association


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